No Child Left Shoeless

On average, a family will spend $179 per child during back-to-school shopping. The biggest share of this cost is apparel. Often times, families are forced to cut corners to make back-to-school shopping more affordable—sometimes asking their children to reuse clothes and materials from the previous year. Every child deserves to start the school year with a new pair of shoes—for comfort and self-esteem. In a city where nearly 17% of the population lives in poverty, the No Child Left Shoeless campaign seeks to ease the burdens of parents shopping for children in need.

Lace Up!

With the emergence of video games and poor dietary habits, obesity has nearly tripled in the past 30 years. Research has indicated that the presence of diabetes, high blood pressure and many other disorders linked to obesity is significantly higher in impoverished neighborhoods where inhabitants lack resources and education. Lace Up! seeks to educate the youth on taking the proper steps toward leading a healthy lifestyle. Let’s encourage our youth to put down the controller, make better food choices, and lace up their sneakers to get active!

Broadening Horizons

Broadening Horizons is a program designed to promote traveling in adolescence for personal development. Many children never have the opportunity to leave the boundaries of the cities in which they inhabit. By promoting traveling, Broadening Horizons fosters cultural growth in tomorrow’s leaders.

The Right Path

The Right Path is a mentorship-based program designed to help at-risk youth choose the correct pathway to success. Denard Robinson has first-hand experience in making life-altering decisions and he wants to share his experiences with children that may lack guidance and resources.

Reading with Shoelace

Reading with Shoelace is an incentive-based program that seeks to raise literacy in Title I schools throughout Duval County Public Schools.