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Denard visits students in Mayport

Jaguars running back Denard Robinson spent some time talking to eighth grade students who attend Mayport Middle School on Wednesday. Robinson encouraged the students to read and to stay on top of their grades. He also shared his story of how he overc
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In The News…

The Shoelace Foundation was featured on a partner of On Saturday, former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson officially released a new website kicking off the establishment of his new charity, aptly called The Shoelace F
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Why Shoes?

Donning a pair of new or fashionable shoes is oftentimes characterized as being synonymous with happiness. There are many fictional references in which a pair of shoes is portrayed as having made the situation better. Think of Cinderella—a pair of
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The Juvenile

In a 2010 case, known as Graham v. Florida, the U.S. Supreme Court banned life sentences without a meaningful opportunity for release for juveniles convicted of non-homicide crimes. In a 2012 ruling known as Miller v. Alabama, the high court barred m
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